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We are 100% Committed to Your Success
Our services ensure that you start enjoying the many benefits of Investment Gold right away and continue to grow in your use of the product at your own pace


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Initial Setup

and Training

We want our new clients to get off to a great start with Investment Gold. So we install our software for you, import your existing client information, set up accounts for each member of  your team and make a few initial customizations. Then we provide your team with the private instructor-led training they need to hit the ground running.

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Additional Training

After working with Investment Gold for a bit, you may want certain members of your team to learn advanced skills. Or perhaps you've hired someone and want them to experience the same initial training as the rest of your staff.  We offer private instructor-led training over the internet at times that work for you.


Additional Customization

As you become more proficient with Investment Gold, you may want it further tailored to the specifics of your business.  We can make those customizations at a sensible cost.

Support Call

Help Desk Support

Have a question?  We're here to help. Simply call or send us an email. Our clients will tell you that the timeliness and quality of our Help Desk services are second to none.

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Management Consulting

We've been dealing with thousands of financial advisors for decades. We understand your business. So if you have questions about how other top performers address the same challenges you face, we can help.

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Investment Gold already integrates with a number of planning apps, accounting systems, etc. And since your information is stored in an industry-standard MS SQL database, it's relatively easy for us to build new integrations if you need them.

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